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    • HeadStart2 is 80 to 100 hours of self-study predeployment language material for the training of one unit leader per platoon. Currently available in 21 languages, Headstart2 can be taken online or ordered via our website.
    • Rapport is 6 to 8 hours of mandatory predeployment training for all DoD personnel and is available online via dliflc.edu, AKO, DKO, NKO, and JLU. Iraqi Rapport is mandatory training for DA civilians and Soldiers prior to deployment.
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    • North Korean Supplemental Materials – contains a wealth of lessons and exercises using the North Korean dialect covering materials from level 2 to level 4. To access these materials, click here.
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Combined Arms Center general says the need for linguists will grow
Lt. Gen. Robert Brown, the commanding general of the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., says the future of the military lies in better education, more cultural awareness and language skills training, and the ability to prevent conflict and shape outcomes that lead to peaceful solutions. "We are going to look to do interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (activities) and so the need for linguists is going to increase, and certainly the need for cultural understanding is critical," said Gen. Brown....more
DLIFLC and Presidio of Monterey kick off Ready and Resilient campaign
The Presidio of Monterey kicked its Ready and Resilient wellness campaign Sept. 4 with the signing of a suicide prevention proclamation, a buddy pledge, a prayer for the fallen, and a moment of silence. The proclamation and buddy pledge was signed by Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Commandant Col. David Chapman and Presidio of Monterey Garrison Commander Col. Paul Fellinger, accompanied by DLIFLC Command Sgt. Maj. Matildo Coppi and Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Andrew Wynn. ...more
TRADOC Command Sgt. Maj. talks to NCOs about Army University
The Command Sgt. Maj. of the U.S. Training and Doctrine Command told non-commissioned officers at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center that the Army is raising its academic standards for military education. "The good news is that things are going to get better, the bad news is that they will also get harder," Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Dailey. "We will increase the academic rigor, but we will also give you a better education."...more
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