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  1. The new DPMAP requirements put unrealistic demands on faculty, especially associate professors. Given the current teaching load, it is impossible to conduct substantial research projects. Action research requirements involves many teachers and if done seriously, interrupt students too. Much feedback has been given to such organizations as FACs at school level. Hope this can be addressed.

  2. why is the Mentimeter blocking the live stream

  3. Ask any teacher who attends IRC and I got the comment that they are teaching something that will not be used in the classroom. There are many complaint about ICC and IRC. Why isn’t there a comprehensive review of these two programs and why teachers’ feedback often is unheard?

  4. How do you feel about sending DLI students on immersions to more quickly learn and master a target language?

  5. A 3 yr NTE would really ease the pressure on teachers and provide them leverage and empowerment. It would reduce a lot of paperwork and worry at DLI as well. The idea of maybe having the 1st NTE be 2 yrs, and then with success and mission necessity, maybe the next one would be 3 yrs, etc. It might motivate teachers. I think other Military schools do this.

  6. Has the Windows 365 contract gone forward? We know there was a visit of academic leaders to Microsoft, however, there has been no reaching out to the LCTs and other developers of tech products across DLI? Are there plans to do that? We should be sure DLI gets what it needs and explore if such a big change would effect the on-going development of tech products across the enterprise.

  7. Hi Sir,

    1. Is IRC still in effect as a required certificate? Or a mandatory training for teachers? (Hopefully, it is a mandatory training for teachers.)

    2. Is the NTE for up to 3 years can be for all the teachers at DLi or just an incentive for team leaders? (If there are teachers who applied to be team leaders more than 3 times and they don’t get selected, then it is the teacher’s fault)

    3. The military housing for teachers (the wait list is too long), is there you can do about it? Especially that the housing allowance went up really high (which made all of the rent go up very high) and we do not have any housing allowance at all.

    4. During a meeting at UEL, you mentioned the possibility of kicking the classes to start at 08:55 instead of 07:55, and NO 7th hour anymore, is it still something you are considering? (I hope so if it is something you can help with)

    Thank you very much Sir for your time and support,

  8. What is the status of back payment of locality between 2000 and 2010 which a great number of teachers in DLI ought to duly get? Is it still on the backburner? If it is not, how far is it? If the is not moving at all or moving very slowly because it is a problem difficult to resolve, it does not make any sense at all. We really hope to receive it or to see the issue have progressed a great deal before the Commandant is transferred to another post or retired. Please make an answer to my comment.

  9. Hi All,

    Writing from Building 613, UEL. We are currently using our offices as classrooms with students using our desks due to overcrowding. We have run out of classrooms a few months ago, and my understanding is that we shall soon have to do most of the class preparation and student counseling in lounges, library, or outside on the benches. Having crowded classrooms drops the quality of education, most certainly. But removing from the faculty the ability to sit down at their desks and prep/recover will have a long lasting effect on staff retention and recruitment.

  10. To: Anonymous on July 22, 2019 at 14:15

    I wish people would stop asking about retro-COLA. I’m thankful we finally received a COLA.

    Would you rather that DLI be moved to another location? I’m sure that is what would happen even if the Pentagon even considered the retro-COLA.

  11. Will we ever be compensated for about two decades of being cheated with our pay raises?
    We did get a one-time adjustment two years ago, but what about what we have lost over all these years?
    The cost of living in this area is horrendous.
    People in the Naval School were NOT cheated like we were.
    Please help. It is so OBVIOUS that it was NOT fair.

  12. I am sure that everyone at DLI is psyched to achieve the proficiency requirement of 2+/2+/2. There is only one problem/issue/confusion: our students are equally psyched to achieve only 2/2/1+ (which all they need to graduate at this point. Could we please all be psyched about the same proficiency requirement! It is absolutely essential to our Mission!

  13. I am very skeptical about the skills of the new provost ?
    I am expecting to see the new provost lead the organization to advance and exceed the goals but sadly since he took over more than a year ago I have Not observed any accomplishment or initiative to lead the organization forward . What a waste !

  14. Can we see a true and strong leader who can make the change to better serve the DLIFLC ? This change requires that hero to replace the following people ;
    The UG associate dean
    The chief of staff
    The old staff in CPC
    The operational leader
    Some of old deans
    to very clear to most of us as faculty that All the above form a net to protect each others and serve each others and not the organization.

  15. when some of DLI leaders will honor the policy and regulations ? I have to admit that big number of faculty and staff experienced and witnessed manipulation of policy in many situations at DLIFLC such as term of appointment that can be extended even for poor leaders , call of candidate that usually pre-selected .
    This is very sad and add inequality and unfairness in the work place.

  16. Is there any new direction about the SLS program? I am referring to centralization and decentralization options.

  17. were there supposed to be slides? keeps saying to refresh

  18. Natela, can we participate not under “anonymous”?

  19. We apparently need to enable cookies in order to submit our response to the question “where are you located?”


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