Transcripts and Records

Transcripts and DLPT/OPI ACE Credit Requests

The DLIFLC Registrar’s Office provides two types of academic documents: course transcripts and DLPT/OPI ACE credit recommendations report. Please ensure you use the correct form to submit your request.

For resident course transcripts and AA Degree verifications, please use FORM 220 Official Transcript Request form found on the right side menu.

For DLPT/OPI ACE credit, please use FORM 420 DLPT/OPI ACE Credit Recommendation Request form found on the right side menu.

Incomplete and unsigned forms will not be processed. Please include the name and full address of the receiving institutions and the number of copies to be sent.

Because completed request forms contain PII, future requests should only be submitted by mail to the address at the bottom of this page, or electronically through SAFE at to address.

Transcripts sent directly to students will be marked “Issued to Student” unless the student specifically requests transcripts to their personal address inside a sealed envelope. Sealed transcripts will be stamped “transcript sent in sealed envelope” and will be sent inside a larger envelope. You will also receive a student copy with your request for sealed transcripts.

Education Verification Requests

Please see the instructions on the right side menu for Education Verification requests. In lieu of this process, you may ask students to complete the Form 220 and submit that to our office for processing.

General Transcript Information

DLIFLC transcripts of academic records may be requested for most resident foreign language programs conducted by DLIFLC in Monterey or Washington. Transcripts are free of charge and will consist of all foreign language courses and degrees earned at DLIFLC. In compliance with Privacy Act Data of 1974, all transcripts will be sent via US mail.

Video Training Team/Mobile Training Team [VTT/MTT], Headstart2, Enhancement Language Training, and Army E-Learning Courses are not awarded academic credit by the DLIFLC Office of the Registrar.

Some colleges/universities require both your coursework and DLPT/OPI ACE credit. Please check with your school which transcript they want. If they require both, you must submit both forms.

DLPT ACE College Credit Information

U.S. military service members who took a Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) or Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) may be eligible for DLPT American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Recommendations. ACE college credit recommendations are only available for languages tested with a DLPT III, DLPT IV, or DLPT 5 format after 1 October 1990. Not all languages are ACE college credit recommended; check the ACE DLPT GUIDE FOR CREDIT BY EXAM to make sure your test scores are eligible for ACE credit. DLPT/OPI ACE credit is based on official test scores. Official test scores are maintained for students who either completed one of DLIFLC’s resident language programs, or whose test scores are available on the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) website. DLPT/OPI’s taken prior to 2006 may not be available if the original Scantron answer sheets were not forwarded to the DLIFLC Testing Division. DLPT/OPI ACE credit CANNOT be prepared from DA 330s forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. For more information about DLPT ACE credit, see the DLPT ACE Fact Sheet on the right side menu.

Password for Future Requests

Establish a PASSWORD for future Form 220 requests: Students may establish a password allowing them to request future transcripts without a signed request form. Simply select your own password, write it on a signed and completed transcript request form 220 and submit this to the Registrar Office. Once this has been processed by the Registrar’s Office, transcripts may be requested by simply sending an email with your full name, the school or personal address and your password. You may still request sealed transcripts with a password.

Military Record Updates

To update your Joint Service Transcript, please see their instructions here:

To update your CCAF, please see their instructions here:


Please consult the Transcripts FAQ page found at the right side menu before contacting this office with questions. Send your questions to or mail to the address below. DO NOT SEND CERTIFIED MAIL (this delays processing):

ATTN: ATFL-ASD-DA (Registrar)
Bldg. 634 Room 4
Presidio of Monterey CA 93944