AFPAK Hands Program

The Afghanistan Pakistan Hands (APH) program was established by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2009 to create greater continuity, focus and persistent engagement in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The AFPAK Hands Management Element (AME) is a part of the Pakistan Afghanistan Coordination Cell (PACC) and is charged with managing the APH program. It is responsible for the assignment, training, deploying and re-deploying the APHs as they move through their tour.    If you are interested in applying for the program, you should contact your Branch Manager, Detailer, Monitor, or Assignment Officer.  DLI only handles the language training portion of the APH program.
The APH program develops a cadre of experts who speak the local language, are culturally attuned, and focused on regional issues for an extended duration. APH personnel rotate between positions in-theater and out-of-theater that directly influence the U.S. strategy in the region. Although managed by the Joint Staff, this program produces experts that serve in designated chains of command, protecting unity of command while ensuring unity of effort.
Recognizing that AFPAK Hands will not have sufficient time to conduct a traditional basic language acquisition course, the Joint Staff together with DLI developed a concept for a training continuum as follows:.

PHASE I Language Training: 16 weeks full-time resident training
PHASE II Language Training (while in first in-theater deployment):  Week-long refresher (in-country) and 24 interactive online modules for self-study
PHASE III Language Training (while in out-of-theater assignment):  48 weeks of part time blended learning instruction which includes both, on-line modules and either face-to-face or distance-learning lessons with an instructor
PHASE IV Language Training (prior to second in-theater deployment): 14 weeks of full-time resident training
Phase I and Phase IV resident language training is done via the DLI-Washington office in the DC area and at the APH Hub at Tampa, FL.

Phase III training is done via on-line training modules and either face-to-face weekly instructor sessions in DC or Tampa, or through distance learning instructor lessons from DLIFLC at Monterey, CA.

POC at DLI-Washington:  (703) 325-0750/0986

POC at Tampa:  (727) 369-5205

POC at DLIFLC (Distance Learning):  (831) 242-4393

DLIFLC 1759 Lewis Rd. Bldg 614, Ste. 251 - Presidio of Monterey - Monterey, CA 93944 (831) 242-5119, (DSN-768)