Support Departments

Production Coordination Team

The Production Staff helps produce pedagogically sound and visually appealing courseware for the basic course classroom and test materials, by creating templates and designing graphic layouts. They organize the production process by coordinating schedules, tracking workflow, file preparation, version control, archiving, helping meet client demands, and working with the Production Coordination Office (print plant).

English Editing

The Editing Staff supports all Basic and Post-Basic Projects by editing and proofreading the English content for errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax, and deviations from type specifications. This may also include stylistic revision, content and concept clarification, consistency, restructuring, and rewriting.

Production Coordination Office

The PCO staff are CD’s contact for all work printed at the DAPS printing facility at the POM. They are responsible for scheduling all print jobs, troubleshooting pre-press and print problems, and working with the DLI warehouse to supply textbooks to the schools. The PCO staff also work with schools to order commercial textbooks and materials.

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