Educational Technology at FD

At FD, educational technology is used for three principal purposes: to publish information about FD’s teacher education programs and provide resources for pre- and in-service teachers; to deliver teacher education courses in different formats

Online teacher education course delivery

FD has implemented teacher education courses in hybrid format, which are a combination of online and traditional face-to-face delivered courses. Additionally, Language Training Detachments (LTDs) can participate in selected course offerings via Adobe Connect.

  1. Hybrid format
    1. Foreign Language Education I: Instructional Options is taught in hybrid format. Fifteen of the 32 course sessions are online. Course participants are required to complete specific tasks online and are directed to Blackboard for posting of blogs, online discussion boards, etc.
    2. Foreign Language Education III: Academic Counseling is taught in hybrid format with an increased number of online sessions. Nineteen of the 32 course sessions are online. 
    3. Future courses to be given in hybrid format include FLED II and III.
  2. Online format

    FD is working on self-contained teacher education modules such as task-based instruction, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and the teaching of the skills of listening, reading, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills.

    At this time, two online foreign language teacher education modules are available:

    • Using Video in the Classroom
    • Teaching Listening Comprehension

    FD has also produced three technology tutorials which are available online.

    • Teaching Effectively with iPods
    • Working with Adobe Audition 2.0
    • Working with SartBoard

Please click here for a complete list of FD technology training

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