Multi Language School

The new Multi Language School was created by expanding the former Emerging Languages Task Force. The mission of the Emerging Languages Task Force (ELTF) was to provide a rapid response in establishing new language programs in low-density languages in support of DOD's pressing needs.

DLIFLC set up the ELTF shortly after September 11, 2001 in response to DoD needs for language capability in certain less-commonly taught languages. The department was originally named the Operation Enduring Freedom Task Force, then later renamed to the Global War on Terrorism Task Force.

Currently the school teaches Dari, Hindi, Indonesian, Pashto, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu, and Uzbek.

All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, called SmartBoard™, and students are issued tablet PCs, as well as digital audio devices. Additionally, SCOLA, an international language rebroadcasting service, feeds into the whiteboards and broadens the pool of authentic materials available to the students.

Languages taught at Multi Language School fall under category III and IV, except for Indonesian, which is classified as a category II language, extending over 36 weeks of active instruction.

DLIFLC 1759 Lewis Rd. Bldg 614, Ste. 251 - Presidio of Monterey - Monterey, CA 93944 (831) 242-5119, (DSN-768)