Housing Information

Housing in the Monterey Bay area for faculty and staff members can be found in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, Marina, Salinas, or other nearby towns on California's Central Coast. For up to date off-base accommodation and visitor info please contact the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau



Temporary Lodging

For immediate housing needs when coming to DLIFLC, you may contact the Presidio of Monterey Lodging office at: (831) 645-1199, or visit them online to view prices and make reservations http://www.pomlodging.com

Other housing possibilities include:

  • The Parks at Monterey Bay  - (831 )644-0400 - 1301 Leahy Road, Monterey
  • Preston Parks - (831) 384-0119 - 2 and 3 bedroom town homes in Marina
  • Abrams Parks - (831) 384-7868 - 2960 Carpenter Ct, Marina - 2 Bedroom and 4 Bedroom apartments
  • Schoonover Park Apartments - (831) 883-3150 - 601 Thomas Court, Marina - 2 and 3 bedroom home for rent
  • Monterey Pines Apartments - (831) 372-5100 - 201 Glenwood Cir, Monterey
  • Kimberly Place Apartments - (831) 373-0976 - 300 Glenwood Circle, Monterey
  • Bay View Community - (831) 899-9900 - 5100 Coe Avenue, Seaside - 2, 3 and 4 bedroom modular homes
  • Sunbay Suites and Apartments - (831) 394-2515 - 5200 Coe Avenue, Seaside

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list. Employees are encouraged to research their own housing needs. DLIFLC does not endorse the housing facilities or websites listed above. This information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change. DLIFLC is not responsible for outdated or incorrect information.

Local School Information

Parking on POM: Parking at the Presidio of Monterey is limited and hard to find. Parking areas are designated as Visitor, Staff and Faculty, Open, Designated Parking spaces, Student Commuter and Residential.

Please note that Student Commuter parking lots are designed to accommodate students who do not live on POM. Those students who live on POM will not be issued permits and are not authorized to drive their personal vehicles from the residence to the classroom.

For detailed information on parking rules please review the installation parking policy.

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