In-Course Proficiency Test Development Division

The In-Course Proficiency Test Development Division of the Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization, DLIFLC develops standardized in-course language tests and provides related reporting, test administration support, analysis, and consultation to promote continuous improvement in teaching and learning in DLIFLC’s resident Basic Course language programs.

The content domains of these ICPTs are representative samples of the domains of expected student cumulative language mastery in Basic Course instruction. Performance standards of the individual ICPTs are keyed to language mastery targets of specific subsets of the Basic Course that are identified by course titles and numbers within the Basic Course Transcript. Timing for administration of these tests is likewise keyed to the scheduled completion of each course subset. ICPTs test either global language listening and reading proficiency development or Final Learning Objective (FLO) job-related adjunct language performance skills. They are being produced in paper-and-pencil and computer-delivered versions, with computer-delivered versions superseding the paper-and-pencil versions when test lab scheduling permits.

The ICPT Program is currently expanding its capability to provide the following specific services:

- Design and production of high-quality, proficiency-based ICPTs.

- Automation of all ICPTs for test lab computer delivery.

- On-going analysis and reporting of operational ICPT data and special correlation studies with results of other tests and course grades.

- Advising and assistance to Basic Course Schools regarding test scoring and disposition of test scoring data.

- On-going consultation services to support interpretation of ICPT results and feedback to the Schools.

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