Instructor In-Service FD Program

The In-Service Program offered through FD is comprised of six sub-programs, each with a variety of related courses.  The purpose of the In-Service Program is to meet the ongoing and evolving needs of the DLIFLC, its teachers, and its administrators.  The In-Service Program provides education, training, and leadership development options spanning the entire career of a DLIFLC teacher and/or administrator. 

Major objectives of the In-Service Program are:

  • To enable DLI to better address changing national security needs and assist teaching teams and their students in meeting the higher proficiency goals of the PEP program
  • To provide follow-on education and training to the Pre-Service Program
  • To enhance understanding of the principles of foreign language teaching and learning, and their application in the classroom
  • To enable teachers to develop their skills through reflective teaching
  • To develop teachers’ ability to diagnose and assist students with learning difficulties
  • To provide opportunities for teachers to develop core leadership competencies required for team leaders, department chairs, and deans
  • To facilitate team formation and foster collaboration
  • To provide training in the uses of technology in the classroom
  • To develop skills in designing meaningful activities using available technology
  • To enable teachers to raise their English proficiency to an adequate professional level for DLI purposes
Selected In-Service Course Content

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