Introduction to language Studies (ILS) is a mandatory orientation to language learning at DLIFLC which is provided to all basic course students. ILS is based on the former SMART Program. As a preparatory program, ILS addresses 4 broad topics: culture, grammar, study skills, and technology. ILS modules include:

  • Introduction to Religion and the Impact of Religion on Military Operations
  • Target Language Cultural Terrain (Cultural Awareness Skills & Area Studies FLO topics)
  • English Grammar Terminology
  • Foreign Language Study Skills
  • Introduction to Learning Styles & Problem Solving Skills for Language Learning
  • Introduction to DLI Language Proficiency Measurement Tools (DLPT, OPI, FLOs, & ILR levels)
  • Critical Approaches to Listening & Reading
  • Vocabulary Memorization Strategies


The goals of ILS are to help increase students’ levels of preparation for language studies, increase student motivation and ultimately help reduce academic attrition rates. ILS achieves this through efforts which involve:

  1. Informing students about DLIFLC expectations, constructs and criteria
  2. Raising student awareness/consciousness about how the language learning process works
  3. Providing strategy training
  4. Encouraging process control
  5. Encouraging self-direction /learner autonomy
  6. Establishing schema

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