New Students Information

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) is a multi-service school for active and reserve components, foreign military students, and civilian personnel working in the federal government and various law enforcement agencies.

DLIFLC is situated on the Presidio of Monterey, (POM), California. The Ord Military Community (OMC) - formerly known as the Presidio of Montery Annex - is located on the former Fort Ord, 9 miles north of DLIFLC.

Housing: Family housing for DLIFLC students and permanent party is available at OMC and La Mesa Village. Both sites are managed and maintained by The Parks at Monterey Bay. Off-post housing, both for renting and buying is limited and very expensive. Current information concerning family housing may be obtained from The Parks at Monterey Bay - La Mesa (831) 644-0400 or The Parks at Monterey Bay - OMC (831) 392-0740.  The Parks at Monterey Bay maintains a referral list; so please call for details.

Temporary Duty (TDY/TAD) Housing: Short-Term guest housing on POM is limited for PCS in/out and TDY/TAD personnel.

* Temporary lodging is administered by InterContinental Hotels Group - IHG Army Hotels (all services). For reservations, phone 1-877-711-TEAM or (831) 645-1199.

* Additional short-term guest housing may be available on the Naval Postguaduate School (NPS) complex with the Navy Lodge (USN), commercial (831) 372-6133, and Herman Hall (USN), commercial (831) 656-2060.

* All military personnel PCS/TDY/TAD to DLIFLC shall first confirm housing availability with POM Lodging. If nothing is available, POM Lodging will issue the appropriate Statement of Non-Availability. Failure to use government lodging facilities may subject military personnel to additional out-of-pocket, non-reimbursable lodging expenses.

*There are hotels / motels in the area, many with kitchenettes.

For housing services office please click here.

Dining Facilities: Personnel authorized separate rations may eat in any of of the dining facilities available on POM. Family members are authorized to eat in designated dining facilities when accompanied by the Service-member. Other facilities on POM include the PX/AAFES concessions and JAVA Cafe.

There is no dining facility on OMC
. Other facilities on OMC include PX/AAFES concessions, Commissary, and American Grill (located at the DoD Center).

No Officer's Club or NCO Club is available on the POM or OMC.

Uniforms: Students are required to have Class A Uniforms (or other service equivalent) for in-processing, awards ceremonies, and other special occasions. The Class B Uniform (or other service equivalent) is generally worn in numerous variations at DLI for class on Thursdays.

Due to the generally cool weather in the area it is advisable to bring a uniform waist jacket or sweater. The BDU / fatigue uniform (or other service equivalent) is worn for in-processing and to class Monday through Wednesday and Friday. Current policy on BDU/fatigue wear, crests and patches, and seasonal uniforms can be obtained from your assigned unit. Due to the varied uniform policies for all the services, students should check with their service representatives or assigned units for changing policy or special instructions.

Reporting Instructions:

Before orders are prepared, service commanders will ensure personnel are scheduled for training and meet ALL course prerequisites.

Personnel on PCS orders should report during normal duty hours, 0745-1645 on Class Report Date (see below for additional service specific reporting criteria.) Personnel on TDY orders should report before 1200 hours (Pacific Time) on Class Report Date. INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT ON ALL ORDERS: "MILITARY AND COMMUNITY HOUSING INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT THE PARKS AT MONTEREY BAY. VISIT THIS WEBSITE TO BEGIN YOUR HOUSING SEARCH BEFORE ARRIVING."

Army: Army personnel may contact the 229th Military Intelligence Battalion S1 in Bldg. 616 (Taylor Hall), or by telephone at DSN 768-5617/5589 or commercial (831) 242-5617/5589 between 0730 and 1630 or the Battalion Staff Duty Officer by telephone at (831) 238-4781 between 1630- 0730 for specific instructions. Army personnel reporting to DLIFLC, MUST bring their complete 201 FILE (Military Personnel Record Jacket).

Air Force: Air Force personnel may contact the 311 TRS (AETC) Charge of Quarters in Bldg 627, or by telephone at DSN 768-5115/7169 or commercial (831) 242-5115/7169 for specific instructions.

Navy: Navy personnel may contact the Center for information Dominance Detachment (CIDD) at DSN 768-7135 or commercial (831) 242-7135 for specific instructions.

Marines: Marines should report to the Marine Detachment at Bldg 629B. During duty hours report to the ADMIN section. During non-duty hours report to the Marine DNCO. The uniform for reporting in is Alphas. Telephone numbers for ADMIN are (831) 242-5407 or DSN 768-5407; the DNCO (831) 242-6855 or DSN 768-6855.

Vehicles: DLIFLC is a closed post. At the gate, personnel reporting for training will present proper ID and copy of orders assigning them to DLIFLC & POM. Guard Security will issue a temporary vehicle pass and direct all personnel accordingly. Required documentation for POVs include valid state drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Entry will be prohibited for all persons not having provided documentation.

CLPM courses: Students scheduled to attend the CLPM Courses must report on class start date at 0730 to the main entrance of the DoD Center Monterey Bay, 400 Gigling Road, Seaside, CA A93955 (OMC).

Use parking lot on the east side of the building. Please be on time and have your CAC and Driver's License to in-process the Bldg. Military uniform is Service B (Army), Khaki/summer whites/winter blues (Navy), any blue service uniform (Air Force), Service C (Marine Corps).

CLPM Course Students should bring all relevant Command Language Program materials to include current continuity books, SOPs, training plans, databases, etc. While a laptop computer is not a requirement, it highly encouraged, as it will allow the students to work on their individual, unit programs.

If required, the DLIFLC CLPM Manager can be reached at DSN 768-5048, Commercial (831) 242-5048 or Fax (831) 242-7665.

Transportation: Commercial air service is available through San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles to Monterey. The Monterey Peninsula airport is located approximately 5 miles from the POM to OMC.

*Commercial, local and long distance (Greyhound) bus service is available in the area.

*Commercial taxis are available on and off post.

*AMTRAK service is available in Salinas, which is approximately 20 miles east of the Presidio.

*There is no Government-provided transportation between Monterey Peninsula Municipal Airport and the POM, OMC or NPS.

*Government transportation (shuttle bus) is available during published operating hours within POM. A shuttle bus service between POM and OMC operates five days a week, Monday-Friday, from 0700-1730. There is no charge for the shuttle bus. This shuttle is primarily for personnel who reside at OMC but work or attend classes onthe POM (OMC to POM route in the morning, POM to OMC route in the afternoon).

*Personnel attending Continuing Education (CE) Resident Intermediate, Advanced, Refresher, nd Sustainment courses held at OMC (DoD Center) who reside elsewhere will require other transportation (rental car, POV, etc).

You can contact the Transportation Office by clicking on this link.

Parking on POM: Parking at the Presidio of Monterey is limited and hard to find. Parking areas are designated as Visitor, Staff and Faculty, Open, Designated Parking spaces, Student Commuter and Residential.

Please note that Student Commuter parking lots are designed to accommodate students who do not live on POM. Those students who live on POM will not be issued permits and are not authorized to drive their personal vehicles from the residence to the classroom.

For detailed information on parking rules please review the installation parking policy.

Additional useful information:

Army finance in-processing: Tuesday, 1330 at the Weckerling Center, Bldg 326, POM, DSN 768-5282 or commercial (831) 242-5282.

Air Force in-processing: Mandatory Briefing for all AF personnel Wednesday 0730-0930, Tin Barn, Bldg 518, DSN 768-7484/5580 or commercial (831) 242-7484/5580.

Navy finance in-processing: Conducted locally at CIDD, DSN 768-5995 or commercial (831) 656-5995.

Marine finance in-processing: Monday-Friday, 0730-1630, MCD Bldg 626B, DSN 768-5328/5407 or commercial (831) 242-5328/5407 and off-duty commercial (831) 242-6855.

Reserve Forces / National Guard Component Liaison: Senior TRADOC Liaison NCO, Bldg 622, second floor, POM DSN 768-5202.

Allied Liaison Office: Bldg 326, Weckerling Center, POM, DSN 768-5110 or commercial (831) 242-5110.

Foreign Area Officer Course: Officers should report during duty hours to the FAO Office at Bldg 326, Weckerling Center, DSN 768-5110 or commercial (831) 242-5110.

For information provided by the USAG POM please click here.

Additional course related information:

You may request course information from the

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center,
Monterey, CA 93944-5006

By telephone DSN 768-5404/5186/5847 or commercial (831) 242-5404/5186/5847.

Course information may also be obtained at www.atrrs.army.mil (ATRRS), school code 215.

DLIFLC 1759 Lewis Rd. Bldg 614, Ste. 251 - Presidio of Monterey - Monterey, CA 93944 (831) 242-5119, (DSN-768)