School of Resident Education

Continuing Education’s School of Resident Education provides highly individualized post-basic instruction to DoD language professionals. Our students are primarily professional linguists who have operational experience and who are looking to enhance their existing foreign language skills. Our course will not only help them obtain advanced professional proficiency in their target languages, but will also help them become far more knowledgeable about the regions and countries where those languages are spoken.

The School of Resident Education is comprised of four language departments; 1) a European Department; 2) an East Asian Department; 3) a Central Asian Department; 4) and a Middle Eastern Department.
Our highly-skilled and primarily native-speaking faculty members teach intermediate, advanced, refresher and sustainment courses in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, Persian Farsi, Serbian/Croatian, Spanish, and Russian. We also conduct a Russian Arms Control Speaking Proficiency Course for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Our languages may vary over time as they reflect the consumer demands of the operational forces.

The duration of our intermediate and advanced courses vary according to the difficulties of the languages. Arabic, Chinese, and Korean courses are 47-week programs, while Russian, Persian Farsi, Serbian/Croatian and Hebrew are 36 weeks, and the Spanish course is 18 weeks long. Proficiency goals for the intermediate course are 2+/2+/2 and 3/3/2+ advanced (according to the Interagency Language Roundtable proficiency scales). The DTRA RACSPC is a 47-week course that focuses heavily on translation and interpretation using professional-level language. The School of Resident Educationfaculty also takes the classroom directly to language learners by deploying Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) wherever and whenever instruction is required.

Our residential programs implement a variety of highly-individualized, learner-centered approaches, and the use of regular Diagnostic Assessments allows faulty to dynamically adjust curriculum to ensure that our students are maximizing their own unique potential.

Resident Education faculty members are highly educated native speakers of the target languages who not only teach the language, but also bring traditional culture and content expertise to the classroom.

Our faculty incorporates content-based teaching methods that emphasize learning about subject areas in a completely immersed environment,rather than simply learning language in a vacuum. For example, students frequently participate in roundtable discussions and debates in the target language concerning a wide-range of professional topics. Overseas immersion experiences, lasting anywhere from two to six weeks, provide our students with additional exposure to college-level course material taught in the target language by native experts in various host universities in countries such as Jordan, China, Korea, Chile, and Russia. Just prior to graduation from the School of Resident Education, students work with assigned faculty and academic counselors to develop their own post-graduation learning plans, which are designed to extend the learning process well beyond their short stay at DLIFLC.

Resident Education faculty members are highly educated native speakers of the target languages who not only teach the language, but also bring traditional culture and content expertise to the classroom. Some of this content taught in this adult learning environment includes history, international relations, religion, literature, politics and economics. In addition to a first-class faculty and cutting-edge curricula, the School of Resident Education augments the intensive learning experience with state-of-the-art technology enhancements, such as interactive whiteboards known as SmartBoards™, TabletPCs, and iPods™.

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