The Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center (SLC) provides DLIFLC basic course students with skills and resources to help them succeed in language learning. Through a four-tiered instructional venue, the SLC first introduces students to the complex language learning process and provides insight into how they can meet this challenge at DLIFLC; the SLC also offers follow-up support for every student through study and learning skill workshops and one-on-one academic advising; finally the SLC provides all graduating basic course students with instruction on becoming a self-sufficient professional linguist and a life-long language learner.

History: The Student Learning Center- SMART Beginnings

In October 1996, the Air Force Element launched an initiative known as the Student Motivation and Retention Training (SMART) Program. The original SMART START Program was 40 hours of instruction that was designed to provide students with lessons in English grammar, global learning skills commonly required in college level programs (i.e. group dynamics, computer skills, etc.), and area studies lessons. It was officially staffed with Military Language Instructors (MLIs) from high enrollment languages of the time, and volunteer MLIs from low enrollment languages.

A new era began for SMART on December 22, 2005 when the Student Learning Center was created.

In 2003, SMART START was made available DLIFLC-wide, and in October 2004, basic language courses had been extended by an additional week to accommodate students’ attendance of SMART. By this time, the program began hiring civilian instructors.

A new era began for SMART in December 2005 when the Student Learning Center was created. By the spring of 2006, the SMART Program was renamed Introduction to Language Studies and the Academic Advising, Autonomous Language Sustainment Department (ALS) and Workshop and Seminars (W&S) Departments had been added. Finally, in October 2006, ILS and ALS were made mandatory for all DLIFLC basic course students with revised curricula aimed at creating strategic and autonomous language learners. Furthermore, in 2008, the SLC found a home in the Language Science and Technology Directorate, which houses the DLI support entities.

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