Technology Integration

The Technology Integration Division (TI) is in charge of bringing the latest instructional technology into the production of new curricula. The division not only assists DLI with programming and multimedia support, but it produces online materials geared toward cultural awareness.

Special projects developed here include Headstart Programs, Accents Library, Phone Conversations, Arabic Grammar Search, and the LANGUAGE SURVIVAL KITS AND FAMILIARIZATION COURSEWARE  in support of deploying troops. This division also provides programming support to courseware for online learning, including ODA and the Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS).

TI is comprised of four main functional areas:

  • The Headstart Department is responsible for creating and maintaining Headstart Programs: interactive, introductory-level, self-study courses that familiarize the user with the language of the target culture.
  • The Programming Department is responsible for integrating new technologies and programming at the Institute and in resident and online learning materials.
  • The Multimedia Department handles audio and video recording, multimedia design, layouts, graphics, and more.
  • The two teams of the Familiarization Departments research and write content for the Countries in Perspectives and Familiarization series. They also produce LSKs and write and maintain the Cultural Awareness Assessments (CAAs).

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